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Rochester Basement Waterproofing

Storm Basement Waterproofing applies innovative basement waterproofing expertise to a wide range of residential and commercial space in Rochester and surrounding areas, an authorized contractor of Grate Products; a leader in providing high-tech, reliable, and proven basement products.

Only by using high quality basement waterproofing products and by having an experienced staff that has encountered and conquered virtually every waterproofing challenge imaginable, allows Storm Basement Waterproofing to deliver effective solutions for all waterproofing needs. At Storm Basement Waterproofing, you will find an indispensable source of ideas and industry know-how.

Commitment and experience of our people allows for the high level of customer service and customer satisfaction.

Our basement waterproofing process and product performance is unmatched in the basement waterproofing industry. All of our employees have received certified training through the Grate Products network.

The Healthy Basement Certificate: It's about levels of protection.

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Grate Drainage

Grate Products

The heart of the closed basement waterproofing system is an ingenious dual chamber drainage channel, GrateDrain. It is the most unique drain in the industry and provides a way to draw water both from the outside walls as well as from the center of the basement while protecting from cross contamination from wall to floor.

Placing it in a shallow trench, GrateDrain works together with a specially designed Vapor Barrier, to direct all water into a GrateSump. Access ports (T-Ports and Corner Ports) are strategically placed in the system allowing for easy inspection to make certain the system continues to work effectively for years.

An airtight GrateSump sump pit liner encases a reliable Pro-Series Sump Pump. Unlike others in the industry, the Pro-Series Sump Pump carries a three-year warranty.

Together with the GrateSump, the Pro-Series Sump Pump is installed in a manner that does not undermine the integrity of the foundation. A double switch, the only one of its kind in the waterproofing industry, makes sure it turns on when it’s supposed to; assuring its dependability.

Finally, a strong, seamless drain makes certain that all water collected is removed. Of course, there is more to why this system works as well as it does, but this provides a clear view of the basics of a system that will warranty a dry home basement.

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