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Rochester Basement Waterproofing

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Storm Basement Waterproofing applies innovative basement waterproofing expertise to a wide range of residential and commercial space in Rochester and surrounding areas, an authorized contractor of Grate Products; a leader in providing high-tech, reliable, and proven basement products.

The Healthy Basement Certificate: It's about levels of protection.

Our experienced staff and basement waterproofing contractors in Rochester have encountered and conquered virtually every waterproofing challenge imaginable. By using high quality basement waterproofing products and relying on our years of expertise in the Rochester area, our basement waterproofing contractors deliver effective solutions for all waterproofing needs. At Storm Basement Waterproofing in Rochester, you will find an indispensable source of ideas and industry know-how.

Commitment and experience of our basement waterproofing contractors in Rochester allows for the high level of customer service and customer satisfaction.

Our basement waterproofing process and product performance is unmatched in the basement waterproofing industry. All of our employees have received certified training to be top basement waterproofing contractors in Rochester through the Grate Products network.

HBC Certificate Levels

Learn about the 6 levels of protection involved with attaining an HBC certificate.

Finished project

Finished Basement Waterproofing Job


Grate Drainage

GrateDrain™ System

GrateDrain™ is a dual-chamber system that is designed to accept groundwater faster than any other drainage pipe on the market. It is placed just under the floor in front of the footer. Designed with large dual chambers, GrateDrain™ directs groundwater from beneath the basement floor and the wall/footing joint to the sump liner. The GrateDrain™ is also a versatile product because it fits basements of all sizes.

  • GrateDrain™ is custom-built for every basement
  • Isolates iron bacteria colonies to prevent cross-contamination
  • Easily accessible covers and panel access for system flush
Basement Drainage Map

It is better to prevent water intrusion in the basement than to deal with the ill efects of high moisture and flooding.

With the patentend GrateDrain™ system installed along the interior perimeter of your basement, it will be easy to keep your basement dry and free from water-related damage.

GrateDrain™ will collect ground water from around your foundation and divert it to a sump pump system, thus alleviating some of the hydrostatic pressure that can ultimately compromise your home’s structural integrity.

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Decor: water drop from Storm Basement Waterproofing logo
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