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HBC Certificate and Levels

HBC level 1

Ground Water Control

  • Closed Sump System
  • GrateSump Liner
  • FastSump Pump (1)
  • GrateSump Liner (Empty)
  • GS Joiner/Orange Cap
  • Radon Test Kit (Dual Vial)
  • One Year Maintenance
HBC level 2

Pump & Power Failure Backup Protection

  • Add (1) FastSump Pump in Empty GrateSump Liner
  • FastSump Inverter with 100AMP 12 VT Battery
  • Pump Geek Advance Pump Controller
HBC level 3

Full Perimeter GrateDrain System

  • GrateDrain System
  • GrateDrain Corner Ports
  • GrateDrain T Ports
  • 1Ft HD Finished Strip
  • Flexi-Flange
  • It is recommended that contractor install additional GrateSump Liner(s) & FastSump Pump(s) on basements larger than 150 linear feet.
HBC level 4

Full Wall Protection

  • Nationally Backed Warranty on GrateDrain System
  • Full Wall Protection to Ground Level with HD FinishShield or ThermalShield Wall Vapor Barriers and Flexi Flange
HBC level 5

Moisture Control

  • WiseAire 95
  • Santa Fe Classic
  • AirGator Garage Ventilation
  • Filter Pack
  • 1 Pre Filter Kit
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector installed in Basement (Plug-in)
HBC level 6

Maintenance & Upkeep

  • Clean GrateSump pumps
  • Inspect GrateDrain
  • Inspect discharge lines
  • Change Santa Fe Filters
  • Check alarms
  • Test Systems

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Decor: water drop from Storm Basement Waterproofing logo
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