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Blog » Waterproofing Tips for Your Refinished Basement

May 15, 2023

Are you planning to invest in a refinished basement? From more living space to increased storage, there are many reasons why homeowners choose to renovate their basement. However, with this project comes the importance of waterproofing. While exterior and interior waterproofing should be done for any basement, protecting a refinished basement from water damage is even more crucial for protecting your investment! Here are some waterproofing tips for refinished basements to keep in mind for your Rochester home:

Waterproofing Tips for Your Refinished Basement

Keep water flowing away from your home

There are a few different exterior methods for ensuring water continuously flows away from your home’s foundation. First, proper grading should be performed around your property so that all water that falls within 10 feet of your house (snow or rain) has a clear pathway without ponding. Second, you’ll need a professional to install a comprehensive drainage system. A drainage system will allow catch resins to receive downspout water and move it far from your house through sewer pipes.

Apply interior foundation coatings

An interior foundation coating applied on the inside of your basement walls serves as a last line of defense for protecting against water leakage. These coatings combat dampness and can be rolled or brushed on the inside of concrete block, poured concrete, and various masonry walls. Interior foundation coatings are very easy to apply and usually dry within three hours.

Install a dehumidifier

The ideal basement humidity should be between 30-50 percent. High humidity in a basement can cause a build-up of moisture, potentially resulting in significant water damage to your floor system and walls, as well as the growth of mold or mildew on carpets or beneath all coverings. Most excess moisture can be safely removed with humidifiers which allow for optimal humidity levels.

Storm Basement Waterproofing in Rochester specializes in waterproofing all types of basements. If you’re in Rochester or the surrounding areas and are in the process of refinishing your basement, get in touch by calling (585) 622-2717.

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