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Blog » Three Benefits of Foundation Repairs

March 28, 2023

Have you been putting off calling a foundation repair contractor for your Rochester home or commercial building? Unfortunately, even the smallest foundation issues can put your home’s structural integrity at risk. From cracks and gaps to sloping floors, there’s good reason to have any problem with your home’s foundation addressed sooner than later. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, here are three benefits of making foundation repairs in Rochester as quickly as possible:

Three Benefits of Foundation Repairs

Preventing flooding and property damage

First and foremost, foundation repairs in Rochester are essential for preventing costly flooding and property damage. With foundation cracks and gaps easily leading to plumbing problems and basement flooding, addressing foundation repairs will give you peace of mind that your home’s interior and exterior won’t sustain any devastating water damage. While some concerns may only appear to be minor, they can become larger problems over time that lead to major issues for your home’s structure and basement.

Maintaining property value

Whether you’re planning to sell your home or building now or at some point in the future, having foundation repairs made will maintain your property’s value and ensure your home’s structure isn’t compromised over time. A home with a strong and stable foundation is generally appealing to most buyers and can give you a major advantage as a seller. Rather than wait until your home or building is on the market, it’s generally best to have exterior and interior foundation repairs for your Rochester property made in advance.

Preventing mold and mildew

Foundation issues in Rochester can be a major cause of mold and mildew build-up. Because foundation cracks can easily let in moisture, mold can form when your home or building is not properly sealed. In addition to its unsightly appearance and damage, mold can present serious health concerns for you and your family. With mold remediation also being extremely costly, it’s best to have foundation repairs completed before mold can form on your home or building’s interior or exterior.

At Storm Basement Waterproofing in Rochester, our foundation repair contractors can perform all types of repairs for residential and commercial customers. To learn more about our foundation repair services, please contact a member of our team at (585) 622-2717.

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