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Blog » Signs Your Foundation Needs Stabilization: A Homeowner's Guide

February 28, 2024

The foundation of your home distributes the weight of it across its footprint, keeping it stable and steady. Unfortunately, sometimes issues can arise that impact the foundation’s ability to bear the weight of your home, typically issues with the soils settling beneath the foundation or damage. Here’s a quick look at the top signs that your Rochester home needs foundation stabilization to prevent further damage.

Signs Your Foundation Needs Stabilization A Homeowner's Guide

Signs Your Foundation Needs Stabilization: A Homeowner's Guide

  • Cracking walls – interior or exterior: As your foundation sinks, your walls begin to lose their stability and will crack as part of the wall sinks. Though this can appear as diagonal cracks in some situations, vertical cracks are also a possibility at drywall joints.
  • Sticking doors or windows: It may not be humidity making your doors or windows stick, especially if they aren’t wood! Settling causes the frames of your doors and windows to go out of square, making them harder to open or close.
  • Trim gapping – interior or exterior: Depending on how your walls are settling, you may see gaps in your trim as areas around windows and doors are pulled out of square. In some cases, it may pull away from the wall surface as well.
  • Creaking or bouncy floors: If a pier or post below your flooring is losing its stability or sinking, it can leave the floors above it without proper support. This can make the flooring feel bouncy or cause it to make noise when it hasn’t in the past.
  • Floors out of level: As with creaky or bouncy floors, the floor framing may not have sufficient support below the support post or pier, which can cause the floor to sink or go out of level. This can also cause hard tiles to pop out of the mortar or crack.

When you can recognize these signs that your foundation needs stabilization, you can better protect your investment in your home. If you have seen some of these signs in your home and need help, the experienced professionals at Storm Basement Waterproofing are ready to help. Please feel free to contact our friendly Rochester home foundation stabilization and repair contractors today to get started.

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