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Blog » How Foundation Repairs Keep Your Home Stable

January 5, 2024

Buried in the earth, it’s fairly easy to forget about your home’s foundation. However, it serves a very important part of keeping the rest of your Rochester home stable with residential foundation repairs. What can happen if you don’t stay on top of foundation repairs? Here’s a quick look at other areas of your home that can be impacted by an unstable foundation.

How Foundation Repairs Keep Your Home Stable

How Foundation Repairs Keep Your Home Stable

A home is essentially a series of weight-bearing structures passing weight down and down until it reaches the ground. If the foundation isn’t stable, it can cause significant issues in other parts of the home.

If the floor goes off level, it can cause issues with the stability of the floor, as well as cause other floors to settle. This can cause problems with items remaining in place and the floor may feel spongy or unstable, or lack of support can cause parts of the floor or subfloor to give way.

This settling can also cause a range of other issues that can arise. As parts of a wall system begin to shift, unsightly cracks can form in the wall, requiring repairs, but only after the issue causing the cracks to appear has been repaired.

This can also cause problems with doors and windows sticking, including sticking, failing to latch, and similar issues. As one side of the opening moves down with the foundation and the wall, the opening becomes more narrow, and the latch point may change.

All of these issues can start with a simple crack in the foundation, a bow in a foundation wall, or similar issues as the foundation subsides. That’s one of the reasons why any issue with your foundation can cause serious harm to your home, and requires fast action to prevent additional issues.

By staying on top of residential foundation repairs for your Rochester home for any issues that are beginning to arise, you can ensure that you’re protecting one of your biggest investments. If you’ve noticed any issues that you need help with, the experienced local contractors at the Rochester offices of Storm Basement Waterproofing can help. Please feel free to reach out today with any questions or concerns.

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