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Blog » How Carbon Fiber Works to Stabilize Your Foundation

September 1, 2023

If you’re noticing issues with your basement or foundation walls, you’re not alone. Whether it’s being caused by hydrostatic pressure, or pressure from water saturating soil surrounding your foundation, soil settling, heavy vibrations, added stories increasing weight, invasive tree roots, or high-clay expansive soil, bowing or shifting basement walls are an issue that need to be addressed immediately. In these situations, Storm Basement Waterproofing in Rochester recommends carbon fiber wall supports. But what is carbon fiber and how does it work?

How Carbon Fiber Works to Stabilize Your Foundation

How Carbon Fiber Works to Stabilize Your Foundation

Carbon fiber may sound like a thing of the future that is used in aircraft, spacecraft, and cars, but it’s actually becoming a common choice for a wide range of reinforcement needs. It’s a long-lasting solution that can be applied quickly and secured with epoxy resin. Unlike using steel I beams for reinforcement, carbon fiber doesn’t protrude and take up space that you could otherwise use.

It’s commonly used in cracked and bowing foundations to provide long-term stability. Once the carbon fiber is painted over, it’s practically invisible. The installation requires no heavy machinery, and it’s strong enough to resist additional hydrostatic pressure.

But that’s just the first of many benefits. Carbon fiber doesn’t need any maintenance, it’s very affordable, even more so than steel I beams, it can be installed in a day or less in most situations, and they can’t be seen once you’ve painted them.

They’re applied to the wall using an epoxy and are anchored at top and bottom, preventing any further movement of the wall from the outside. However, it won’t straighten a wall that has already been bowed, merely prevents further damage, and will not work on a wall that has bowed over three inches.

The cost will depend on your location and how complex the issue is, with more complex issues requiring more straps and equaling a higher overall cost, but it will still remain lower than using steel I beams in place of the carbon fiber.

As a very strong, non-stretching, almost unbreakable material, carbon fiber works well to strengthen and stabilize foundations. The process is quiet and doesn’t require excavation or invasive processes. If you would like to get a consultation on using carbon fiber wall supports for your Rochester home’s foundation, the home foundation contractors at Storm Basement Waterproofing are ready to help. Please feel free to contact us today for a free estimate, with any questions, or to get more details on our services.

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