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Blog » The Future of Basement Waterproofing: Technological Advancements

March 29, 2024

With advancements in communications, engineering, and big data, it seems as though every industry is seeing dramatic changes in technology, and basement waterproofing is no different. Here’s a quick look at some of the top new technologies we’re seeing in our industry.

The Future of Basement Waterproofing Technological Advancements

The Future of Basement Waterproofing: Technological Advancements

But what are some of the technologies that we’re keeping an eye on at Storm Basement Waterproofing? Here are just a few of the options that will be coming onto the market in upcoming years and becoming more affordable:

  • Smart drainage systems. Rochester homeowners should consider the installation of smart drainage systems. Using built-in sensors and monitoring, these systems can detect and divert excess water away from your basement while providing you with real-time data so that you can respond accordingly, bringing up a range of additional technology to address the issues.
  • Integration of interior and exterior solutions. Traditionally used as separate approaches, with interior handling water within the basement and exterior handling infiltration, this approach addresses both existing and future issues with a cooperative approach that helps keep more water out of your basement.
  • Sustainable, green solutions. New options for basement waterproofing are designed to reduce energy usage while working with other energy-efficient features for a more sustainable, comfortable living environment. These solutions integrate HVAC, insulation, and more to keep your home more environmentally friendly.
  • Remote control and monitoring. To keep your basement space comfortable, smart technology allows you to activate a backup sump pump, dehumidifier, or ventilation system to keep things dry while preventing mold or mildew. Get an alarm when your sump pump fails so that you can be proactive instead of reactive.
  • Innovative materials. Advanced membranes, sealants, and coating give you a longer-lasting, more durable layer of protection from moisture. Crystalline compounds are both environmentally friendly and impermeable, and are able to be applied directly to the surface of your concrete basement walls.

With these changes coming down the road, basement waterproofing is becoming a better option for many homeowners looking for a quality seal. If you’re ready to have your basement waterproofed, the experienced professionals at Storm Basement Waterproofing in Rochester are ready to help. Please feel free to reach out to our friendly team today with any questions, for more details, or to get a quote on basement waterproofing for your Rochester home.

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