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Blog » Tips for Preventing Basement Water Damage

May 15, 2023

As a homeowner, you’ve likely heard about the devastating effects that basement water damage can have on your home. Being proactive with preventing water damage is important for protecting the value of your house and maintaining its quality and structural integrity. Here are some easy yet effective basement water damage prevention tips for your Rochester home:

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Address plumbing leaks

Ignoring plumbing issues – no matter how minor they may seem – is one of the worse mistakes you can make. Plumbing problems can have a direct impact on your basement, especially if they are left unaddressed for a long time. Repairing broken appliances (such as a rusted water heater) or replacing rubber washing machine supply hoses that are cracking, will prevent unnecessary leakage. It’s also important to have a waterproofing professional inspect your water supply and drain lines, as well as insulate your pipes so they don’t burst in cold temperatures.

Install a back-up sump pump

One of your best lines of defense for preventing water damage is by installing a quality back-up sump pump. In the event that your main sump pump unit malfunctions or can’t keep up with waterflow during a major storm, a back-up sump pump will ensure your basement doesn’t become flooded. Additionally, it’s important to replace your full sump pump if it’s over 10 years old.

Repair foundation cracks

If you have foundation cracks, it’s important to have these repaired before they become worse. While hairline cracks are normal, larger foundation cracks can occur for a number of reasons and can become bigger over time if left untreated. Water can easily seep into foundation cracks and cause various leaks throughout your basement.

Servicing customers throughout Rochester, NY with waterproofing and repair services, Storm Basement Waterproofing has the expertise to address all your basement water damage prevention and waterproofing concerns. To learn more about our waterproofing services, please contact us directly at (585) 622-2717.

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