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Blog » How to Handle Water Damage After Flooding

July 31, 2023

Have you recently had flooding in your home? While water damage from flooding can vary in severity, it’s important to be proactive in addressing any water-related issues that may have devastating effects on the safety or aesthetic of your Rochester property. Here are three flooding tips you should consider after a flooding situation:

How to Handle Water Damage After Flooding

Call your insurance company

Depending on what type of homeowners’ insurance you have, your policy may vary. However, immediately after any flooding, you should call your insurer and inquire about what damages can be covered under your plan. You can start this process by taking photos of the affected parts of your property (preferably before, during, and after the clean-up) and providing this as documentation to the insurance company which will assess the damage.

Make safety your top priority

After any flooding occurs, it’s paramount to make the safety of you and your family a top priority. There are some basic steps you should follow, which include turning off the power to avoid electrical dangers; wearing protective gear to prevent contact with bacteria; and protecting your valuables from further damage (such as furniture and appliances). Taking measures to protect your property will be critical as you deal with the repercussions of water in or around your home.

Remove humidity

Any flooding – no matter how significant or minor – can cause an accumulation of moisture in your home. It’s essential to dry out any remaining water and dehumidify the spaces affected. Using a dehumidifier to dry the air will allow for better ventilation and air quality, as well as prevention of mold build-up. If excess moisture continues to linger, you’ll risk having major mold or mildew problems.

By taking the steps above, you’ll ensure your property does not sustain any long-lasting damage from flooding. Storm Basement Waterproofing, based in Rochester, NY, can provide flooding tips as well as flood and water damage restoration services. We work with residential customers on all types of water damage repairs. Please call us at (585) 622-2717 to learn more.

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